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: Issue - Relocation of International Religious Workers Away from Affected EBOLA Regions in West Africa - Annotated Bibliography Example

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The announcement of the first case of Ebola in Texas was an awakening call for the United States to acknowledge that the epidemic was not an African problem, but a global epidemic. The effecting of missionaries health worker ensured emergency airlift of the patient to United…
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Annotated Bibliography: Issue - Relocation of International Religious Workers Away from Affected EBOLA Regions in West Africa
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Extract of sample ": Issue - Relocation of International Religious Workers Away from Affected EBOLA Regions in West Africa"

Download file to see previous pages Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2014, October 21). Ebola Outbreak: Advice for Humanitarian Aid Organizations. Retrieved from CDC:
The CDC has been concerned by the situation of health workers in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. There is civil unrest toward health workers and other missionaries’ officers undertaking health services. This has prompted an evacuation mission to save the life of American workers in West Africa.
The book explains a case study on effort to control the outbreak of Ebola. Hewlett discusses different ways of intervening and protocols that help medical practitioners in their work. This includes evaluation of medical officers to control areas for medication. Moreover, Hewlett advocate for the prohibition of travel by people from affected areas to other areas. Anthropologists recommend the United States and other countries to use public health awareness with attention to preventing the spread of the virus.
Landauro, I. (2014, November 1). U.N. Employee With Ebola Evacuated to France for Treatment: Individual the Second Person Treated for Ebola in France. Retrieved from The Wall Street Journal:
The United Nation also has advocated the evacuation of medical health officers under the organization. This function to encourage other health workers of a better health care if they get affected while on the line of duty. Moreover, other countries from Europe have considered repatriating their nurses working for Doctors Without Borders.
Mckay, B. (2014, July 31). Peace Corps, Aid Groups Evacuate Personnel From Ebola-Hit West Africa. Retrieved from The Wall Street Journal:
The Peace Corps organization announced that it would ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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