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Management Theory and Environmental Forces - Essay Example

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This essay stresses that the approach of value base management is centred on the principle that how organisations utilize its major strategies and key decisions through the alignment of the aspiration, management process and analytical techniques towards creating the value…
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Management Theory and Environmental Forces
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Extract of sample "Management Theory and Environmental Forces"

Download file to see previous pages As the discussion highlights in the 21st century organisational structure is based on the mutual interest of the various members, so that people work together in a coordinated manner. An organisation needs to work effectively and provide significant value to various stakeholders. The value based management approach is created through the vertical chain in an organisation. Moreover, an organisation needs to decide how much the value derives from the each different players of the chain. The evolution of the notion of the value based management in an organisation is implemented, as firms need to acquire various recourses during operational process. 
This paper stresses that personal social connectivity within and outside an organisation  is advocated to enhance collaboration along with reducing the cost of coordination activities in order to ensure that operations are conducted effectively with related knowledge and interest. People in an organisation having a common interest due to similarity in working procedure, area, and operational objectives will naturally assist in building a successful social network in an organisation. Thus, it is important for an organisation to provide the maximum value that it can provide to satisfy the stakeholders, which ultimately helps them to increase its wealth. Values are the health of any organisation and it is not only preferable, but also very much essential for its long term sustainability. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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