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Project Communication Plan - Assignment Example

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Project managers should design the best communication plan to ensure that all the relevant information is relayed to the interested persons in the project cycle. A good communication plan must take into…
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Project Communication Plan
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Extract of sample "Project Communication Plan"

PROJECT COMMUNICATION PLAN Affiliation The success of a project solely depends on a good communication plan. Project managersshould design the best communication plan to ensure that all the relevant information is relayed to the interested persons in the project cycle. A good communication plan must take into account; the work environments, the organization culture for which the project aims to serve and the expectations that people have. Use of technology is another area of essence for the design of a good communication plan. Technological advancement makes communication more effective and efficient. Project managers should use the available tools of communication such as; letters, telephones, and video conferencing. A good communication plan is the most effective way of letting different end users of a project knows the effects a particular project to them.
Project managers who have the responsibility of developing a communication plan should take into account a number of key components to ensure that they have a good communication plan. This will ensure that all the parties who are interested in a project are well served with the relevant information regarding the project. Audience forms a major component of a good communication. Campbell (2012) refers to this as the Stakeholder analysis. Different persons who are interested in the project cycle such as sponsors, stakeholders, and team members will require different information. A good communication plan should identify each audience with the aim of providing relevant information to them. The purpose of identifying audience is to see if we can determine how each audience is concerned.
In addition to Audience, Content is the second component of a good communication plan.This component describes the kind of information that each audience needs. Such information may include the details about accomplishments and progress of the project. This information may be very relevant to the high level stakeholders (Biafore, & Stover, 2012). All these audience groups have unique interest in the whole project which the project manager will reflect up on when developing a communication plan. Method of communication is another important aspect of a good communication plan which project management should take into account. With a lot of technological advancements in the methods of communication, project managers have numerous methods of communication to the relevant audience (Heldman, 2011). Means of communication include; in person meetings, videoconferencing, telephone calls, email, and written documents.
Schedules form another important aspect of a good communication plan that project managers need to take into account. Obtaining critical information about the progress of the project from the team members may become a problem for the project managers especially if such information is required urgently by the stakeholders or sponsors (Edwards, 2013). Project managers need to put in place schedules that are purposefully intended to get such information form the team. Such schedules may require the team to meet every Friday to give updates on the status of the project. Lastly, Responsible Party form one of the most important components of a good project management. Project managers should identify team members who are responsible for sending information to audience. These team members should be able to monitor risks, or track change requests. They are responsible for communicating information about these aspects of the project to the project manager and possibly to the management team.
The success of project management and implementation depends on the design of a communication plan. This success can only be obtained by designing a good communication plan that addresses the interests of all stakeholders in the project. Therefore, a good communication plan remain the most effective way of letting different end users of a project recognize the effects of a particular project to them.
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Project Communication Plan Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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