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is a company based on research and development. The major goals and objectives of the project are to develop passages, conferences and development of staff for the client in private sector, governmental local authorities as well as health trusts. The…
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Project planning
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Download file to see previous pages Feasibility study is considered as the disciplined study based on three levels. The first level is related to the operational feasibility. The second level includes the technical feasibility. The economic feasibility is identified in the third level. Economic level brings operative and mechanical levels together into a common unit. These three levels of feasibility study are important for the success of a project. The project has earned an important contract from the local health authority to organize and deliver the conferences based on the health issues in the workplace. For the success of the contract, feasibility study is important to determine the economic, technical and operational viability of a project (PMI, 2012; Overton, 2007).
The aim of the project is to provide the quality education in terms of health issues in a workplace, which is important for every people (Zilicus Solutions, 2012). The milestones stages of the project have been segregated into set up stage, research and development stage, activation stage and review stage. Based on the milestones stages, the documentations of the objectives as well as goals are to be ensured that they are aligned with the desired project goals. In addition, the significance of the marketing and communication plan should be ascertained. The progress of the different activities should be scrutinised for determining the success rate of the project. The project manager should review the project on a timely basis. In this respect, the project manager would be able to have a better knowledge about the progress of the project.
The deliverables or the outcome of the project can be improvement in the several health issues in the workplace. Other outcome can be increased awareness of the local business as well as the agencies of the government of the European Directives regarding such health issues. In ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Project Planning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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