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Case Effective law office solutions, INC - Essay Example

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With its specialization in legal offices’ document printing, ELOS future is promising. As matter of fact, law offices tend to enlarge with time hence changing ELOS’s…
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Case Effective law office solutions, INC
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Extract of sample "Case Effective law office solutions, INC"

Effective Law Office Solutions, INC Relation Effective Law Office Solutions, INC Relation Effective Law OfficeSolutions (ELOS), a printing company has been successful for the past few decades. With its specialization in legal offices’ document printing, ELOS future is promising. As matter of fact, law offices tend to enlarge with time hence changing ELOS’s customer base from small size to medium sized enterprise (Peppers, & Rogers, 2004). The implication is that, if ELOS maintains its current customers, demand for their services will automatically increase with time. In contrary, the CEO has realized a downfall in sales as well as loss of new and potential customers. Given the threat of existing rivals, the company ought to strategize and change customer relations which have been marked as the key cause of the deterioration.
The current strategy of ELOS embraces more on advertising and sales promotion. The management has overlooked quality assurance and customer satisfaction and thus the failure. Note that the management has already noticed an increase in the number of complains. Markedly, lack of precise mode of receiving customer feedback has worsened the situation. As a counter measure, ELOS can consider instilling Customer relationship management (CRM) harmonizes sales, marketing and customer service (Goldenberg, 2008). Customers differ, have different tastes and expectations and thus the only way to satisfy them equally is to give them an opportunity to actively participate in decision making. It’s to my opinion that, an online platform that is managed from the main head-quarters can build a strong customer rapport. Essentially, the customer buyer interface should set standard that ensure high quality communication skills as well as accuracy and consistency of information.
ELOS, marketing has been marked as successful and thus the management needs to shift some effort towards quality assurance. Legal offices need quality as most of their printings are official documents forwarded to their seniors. The clients need to maintain their reputation and a thus will put off any less quality printing regardless of the previous experience with the company. Therefore, ELOS ought to capture each client’s experience with immediate effect and correct if need be. Notably, a fault spreads more than a good doing (Johnston, & Marshall, 2013). Therefore, ELOS services should be focused on the customer needs rather than the organizations objectives. Quality should never be compromised with cost.
Poor customer relation and quality deterioration has been marked as the cause of sales deterioration. ELOS needs to carry a thorough research on the root of the problem and take an immediate action. Training on sales people on how to relate with customers may reduce some inefficiency. Most small size law offices have expanded, hence recruiting new attorneys. People are naturally different and thus for the two firms to maintain a good relationship ELOS salespeople need to adequately respect their clients reactions.
In a nutshell, the sales deterioration results from customer dissatisfaction (Peppers, & Rogers, 2004). Improvement in quality of the printing which involves timely delivery of the service makes the best solution. However this should be accompanied by a good customer relation, adequately monitored by the management to ensure that the sales people provide quality service. ELOS is one of the first firms to identify this market niche and thus has a competitive advantage over their competitors.
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