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The prices are now out of touch for what the customers ought to be. The strategic issue in this case study is the rise in price leading the loss of frequent customers at the Walt…
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Case Analysis(another one)
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Walt Disney Case Analysis So many people complain about the increase of price just after visiting the Walt Disney Company. Theprices are now out of touch for what the customers ought to be. The strategic issue in this case study is the rise in price leading the loss of frequent customers at the Walt Disney Company.
It is easy to irritate about the strategic increase of the services of the Walt Disney Company. An increase of services has been put on resorts, restaurants, merchandise, and tickets. For example, the price of tickets has increased irrespective of the sluggish economy and financial hardships being endured by many customers. The tables and a chart will compare the price of tickets from 1981 to vision 2023 and its resultant cost of inflation. Table 1 shows the SWOT analysis for Walt Disney Company. The SWOT analysis is used in the case analysis in order to predict the current and future outlook of the Walt Disney Company.
Table 1: The SWOT analysis tool for the Walt Disney Company
Walt Disney Company is a worldwide known brand.
Walt Disney Company has several branches of the entertainment.
Walt Disney Company offers their customers high-quality products and services.
The cost of products such as resorts, restaurants, merchandise, and tickets are high, discouraging many customers.
The name of the company is still highly associated with a particular target audience (children).
Creative and innovative ideas are needed in order to retain their disappearing customers due to the increasing price of the products.
There is a room to expand the market in the emerging countries.
There is a room for expanding the business into different segments.
There is a room for developing more theme parks.
The Walt Disney Company increases the cost of their services due to stiff competition the company face from other companies such as Time Warner.
The Walt Disney Company lacks the protection of intellectual property in many of the non-developed countries.
Recommendations and justification of the case study issue
The Walt Disney Company is supposed to reduce the cost of their services such as tickets. Also, the creative and innovative ideas are needed in the company. The name of the company is supposed to be associated with a wide range of audience not only children, but also adults.
The suggested recommendations will help the Walt Disney Company to reach its target of remaining the leading company worldwide. For example, reduction in the price of tickets and other services will help in attracting a large number of customers. Also, creative and innovative ideas are needed in order to retain their disappearing customers due to the increasing price of the products and services. In addition, the name of the company needs to be associated with not only children, but also attracts. The change in name will help in attracting many customers irrespective of the age. As indicated by the type of analysis, the recommendations play a significant role. The recommendations will help the Walt Disney Company restructure its strategic plans and to reduce the cost of their services and products.
In conclusion, the restructuring of the strategic plans and reduction of the cost of their services and products will attract many customers to the Walt Disney Company. As shown in table 3, the strategic plans for the company hold true that the expected price of items will continue to increase unless the strategies are restructured.
Tables and graph analysis
Table 2: Shows price of tickets and result inflation
Price of ticket
Inflation in the price of the ticket
(Bohas, P. 5, 2014).
Graph 1: Shows the inflation adjusted for the price of tickets
(Bohas, P. 12, 2014).
Table 3: Shows cost of services and resultant inflation from 2013 to vision 2023
2013 price
Inflation of price (2013)
Actual price in 2013
Percentage change from 2003
Expected price by 2023
Polynesian Resort
All Star Music
Coronado Springs
Portofino Bay (Uni)
Hilton at Lake Buena Vista
(Bohas, P. 18, 2014).
Work Cited
Bohas, Alexandre. "Transnational Firms and Knowledge Structure: The Case of the Walt Disney Company." Global Society (2014): 1-19. Print. Read More
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