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My model of leadership - Essay Example

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A critical analysis is made in this study which helps to identify major flaws in the attributes of a particular leadership. The behavioural styles and trends of…
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My model of leadership
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Extract of sample "My model of leadership"

Download file to see previous pages Leadership models help to understand the implications of specific behaviours that are generally portrayed by a leader in different circumstances. However, these behaviours also differ from person to person. This is because, every individual follows a leadership style that is suited for his personality and also suits the organizational setting in which he is working. Selecting the appropriate leadership style is vital for the growth of a person (Sosik and Godshalk, 2000).
Several forms of leadership styles exist in a work environment. Each leadership style has its own pros and cons. The objectives and work culture in an organisation helps to decide the form of leadership which is best suited for its business practices. Some organizations allow flexibility in selection of leadership styles and therefore, the style may change with the task at hand. While selecting the leadership style, various realistic factors have to be kept in mind. However, in order to develop as a successful leader, an individual should make effort to understand all the leadership style and then adapt to the attributes which is essential for his growth in the long run. The effectiveness of a leader is enhanced when he selects the appropriate style based on the environment he is working in. Sometimes people apply the same style in every situation which is not a correct approach.
There are various leadership styles which have overlapping characteristics i.e. transformational and charismatic. Some of the styles are complementary to each other and give better results when used together i.e. team and facilitative leadership. Some are entirely opposite to each other like, participative and autocratic. Based on the various forms of leadership, it can be seen that, Transformational leadership is a form that is mostly preferred by organizations and individuals because of its special attributes (Bass ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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