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Recruiting and Selection - Essay Example

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Employers look for various parameters for hiring an executive director into their organizations. I think hiring a wrong executive director is one of the costly mistakes an employer can make for an organization. On the other hand,…
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Recruiting and Selection
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Extract of sample "Recruiting and Selection"

Recruiting and selection I choose the executive director position. Employers look for various parameters for hiring an executive director into their organizations. I think hiring a wrong executive director is one of the costly mistakes an employer can make for an organization. On the other hand, experience, skills, strength, and capability are some of the important measures that employers review when employing an executive director applicant in an organization. A number of the nonprofit making organizations have the executive director bench strength to function well in a key position vacant. Also, a good time manager is a measure often required when recruiting a right applicant in the executive director position. In past years, nonprofit making organizations started using interim directors as an approach of avoiding non-qualified applicants in the field. The employers use the approach since there is a small, but growing body of knowledge around the executive director position. Also, employers look at the experience of the applicant in order to assist in the transition development of the organization.
Legality, reliability, and validity are my best standards that meet the requirements and measurement of being a right executive director. In order to be hired as an executive director in an organization, legal documents play an important role as a ticket to be given the job. Legal documents such as curriculum vitae will help me in identifying my skills and experiences as an executive director. The legality of being an executive director will depend not only on the legal documents, but also the skills and experience I have learnt from the previous job position. Also, the validity of my documents will help me in securing the executive director position. Employers consider valid documents and claims before recruiting new applicants into their organizations. This implies that without a valid claim of being an executive director, a panel can automatically disqualify an application. In addition, reliability is an important standard, which work hand in hand with the experience, skills, strength, and capability measures. An executive director is supposed to be reliable. A theme in the performance appraisal focus on the attitude of an employee is integrity, dependability, and reliability. Reliability of an employee improves the performance of an organization (Monroy & Zwerling, p. 421-422).
I have learnt that legality is an important standard to be considered in any selection process of being an executive director in an organization. In his case, a job applicant may be asked to submit their background checks whether they are promoted or hired for the executive director job. For example, executive director requires screening by the state law. Although most of the executive director applicants fears background checks on their legality, the legality checks are important since the legal checks helps in revealing the background report. The background reports help the employer in knowing your past achievements and qualifications. Also, I have learnt that the reliability of an employee has a tremendous impact on the performance of an organization. Specifically, I learnt that an unreliable employee is one who is constantly unavailable and cannot complete tasks. The performance of a reliable employee may be degraded by the influence of an unreliable employee. Also, I have learnt that dependability of an employee play a key role in an organization. An employee who fully depends on other employees is regarded as a failure. A good employee does not fully depend on others for them to execute their daily roles.
The learning is significant in my life since I will use it in various ways. I will make sure that I am a successful person in improving the performance of an organization. This is because the performance of an organization depends on standards such as reliability, dependability, and validity of an employee.
Work Cited
Monroy, Marianne, and Andrew L. Zwerling. "The Importance of a Good Employee Handbook." Journal of the American College of Radiology, 11.4 (2014): 421-422. Print. Read More
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Recruiting and Selection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Recruiting and Selection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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