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The researcher gives detailed information about Food Management System in the United Kingdom. The proportion of individuals with food allergies is around 1 to 2% in adults and 5 to 8% in children. This demonstrates that approximately 1.5 million people are currently suffering from food allergies…
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Food Management System in UK
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These allergic reactions are accompanied by the extensive release of chemicals in the body that creates an auto-immune cascade in the immune system on ingestion. There are certain identified food products that are prone to allergic contamination especially the fish, celery, cereals and other egg and mustard containing food items (Fish Allergy - What You Need to Know, 2014). However, these products need to be labeled according to current allergen labeling legislation in order to protect consumers from unsuitable immune reactions.

Allergen management is essential in safeguarding consumers from adverse reactions of allergy and involves the handling of instruments, utensils, and packaging the food products. This process is vital for identifying food allergens and the consequences of their intake by sensitive individuals. The management takes care of avoiding cross-contamination of food during preparation and processing by major food allergens (Allergen management and Labelling for pre-packed foods, 2014). This food management process is comprised of managing waste, cleaning procedures, and managing people movements to the canteen and other visitors. The manufacturing process also requires the system of observing people movements as it can transmit allergens on their clothing or hands.
Moreover, the handling activities of raw materials during harvesting and transport can transmit allergens and requires clear specifications of their suppliers. Further, the ingredients of the dish, as in this case is fish, ham and chicken pie with mustard, celery, white wine, and cheese, need to check of potential for allergy as certain proteins in fish and amylase in mustard can trigger immune reactions on intake.

The food management also needs to take appropriate steps in ensuring that the ingredients should not come in contact with allergens during handling and storage.
While the food products are de-bagged, they need to be placed in labeled containers that can be identified easily. It is also essential for the food industry to communicate with people through labeling information about ingredient lists, the detailed composition of the product and probable presence of particular allergens (Allergen management and Labelling for pre-packed foods, 2014). There is also a need to enclose advisory labeling with clear information about components of the food and any possibility of cross-contamination which can arise during transporting, storage, and manufacturing of food.

People. It is important for the staff members and other employees who come in contact with the food products to be fully aware of the food allergens and the complications of their intake by sensitive customers. Read More
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