How can public transport systems be improved in the uk - Essay Example

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When high quality infrastructures are available, performance of all sectors of the economy tend to improve. Transport infrastructure for instance, is…
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How can public transport systems be improved in the uk
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Download file to see previous pages The UK toad transport system, for example, is faced by endless traffic jams and expensive parking spots (Paulley et al 2006). This has called for improvement of the UK transportation system. More than other areas, the public transportation system needs improvement in order to serve members of the public better.
A good public transportation system is vital in building a good society, in addition to creating a strong economy. A good public transportation system for the UK should be fair for all users and be properly integrated to ensure the effective flow of door-to-door transport services. To achieve this, public transport stakeholders should work together with local authorities and transport operators to improve rail and public road transport (Paulley et al 2006). There should also be improved access to public transportation system through good cycle paths, roads, and sidewalks for pedestrians. Furthermore, the transport systems, especially roads should have traffic signs which go a long way in easing traffic flow, reducing accidents, and providing direction to members of the public.
A good public transport will ensure that people do not use their personal cars every time they travel, which is important in reducing congestion on the roads (Litman et al 2008). Reduced use of personal cars will also help in reducing carbon emission and consequently contribute toward the achievement of a cleaner environment. Currently, trains are found far away from many people’s places of residence and are often congested (Wiltshire Council 2011). The current train and bus services cannot compete with personal cars in terms of cost, comfort, and convenience. Furthermore, many bus and train operators are offer low quality services, are expensive, and charge varying fares.
Public transport services can be improved through the implementation of traffic management systems (Wiltshire Council 2011). This will help free buses from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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