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Repairing Jobs That Fail to Satisfy - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Several researches indicating the correlation between job satisfaction and job performance have been conducted to assess whether employee performance can be enhanced on the basis of improved job satisfaction levels. However as demonstrated by research outcomes suggested by Way,…
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Repairing Jobs That Fail to Satisfy
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Extract of sample "Repairing Jobs That Fail to Satisfy"

Repairing Jobs that Fail to Satisfy CC-11 Several researches indicating the correlation between job satisfaction and job performance have been conducted to assess whether employee performance can be enhanced on the basis of improved job satisfaction levels. However as demonstrated by research outcomes suggested by Way, Sturman and Raab, this causal relationship is not represented through empirical data (n. pag). Consequently, this claim has also been reiterated by Zhang, Zhang and Deci (14).
Job design at the company is characterized by a very high level of interdependence between job categories. This aspect makes it difficult for workers to conduct their tasks because of a lack of freedom and direct involvement in the work. Therefore, as per the recommendations of the job characteristics theory it is important to individualize each task and grant greater control of the tasks to employees in each respective job category.
The reward system should be based on the application of an hourly rate however, granting workers with further financial benefits on the basis of this framework should be based on the extent to which the employee’s work has satisfied the customer. The hourly rate should be set a standard which does not discriminate between the four job categories and pays each worker fairly.
As noted in the research of Zhang, Zhang and Deci the implications of job performance and satisfaction are rooted in psychological factors. The involvement of financial systems as potential rewards for workers is therefore limited because money is not a motivating factor for every employee. Moreover, the company’s ultimate goal of achieving customer satisfaction also presents a conflict with this system because of its restricted application. An alternative model which could be applied is linked with the provision of non-financial rewards.
The system which has been recommended by Reynaldo for driving the company out of its current scope of issues is that of launching a cash rewards system. As stated previously, money as a motivator possesses a very limited scope for workers because it does not sustain a long term incentive to progressively improve job performance. The dependent variables with reference to this system can be defined as the level of employee job performance and job satisfaction because the company expects to positively influence these factors as an outcome of the launch of the system.
Henceforth, job satisfaction and job performance levels should change for the system to work successfully. Moreover, the success of the system can be measured by tabulating employee job satisfaction levels through periodic feedback and distribution of anonymous questionnaires. Consequently to measure job performance the company can compare financial factors such as profitability and also seek customer opinion on the services rendered.
The hiring procedure should be based on exploring the prospective employee’s background in customer services and inquiring them about their tendencies regarding the preference for individual or collective work. Moreover, the interviews should be semi-structured to grant the interview with a certain degree of authority without undermining the authenticity of answers. The Big Five personality traits that a prospective employee should have is that he/she must be high on openness to new ideas, extroversion and also have an agreeable, gregarious and friendly personality.
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