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Explain the supervisors responsibilities for providing counsel to his or her workers - Essay Example

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Depending on the size of the organization, there are different types of these programs that are incorporated. An example is a telecommunication firm that has established…
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Explain the supervisors responsibilities for providing counsel to his or her workers
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Extract of sample "Explain the supervisors responsibilities for providing counsel to his or her workers"

Employee Assistance Programs Employee assistance programs are very critical for the productivity of the human resource of an organization. Depending on the size of the organization, there are different types of these programs that are incorporated. An example is a telecommunication firm that has established a program to help employees who have substance abuse problems. The firm is quite large and has numerous branches all around the world and it has introduced this program for there are some countries where it has branches and these particular countries are known for having numerous cartels. With the many cartels, the exposure to drugs is quite high and the program assists the employees that have fallen victim.
A middle-sized law firm in Australia has introduced an employee assistance program that seeks to help workers with occupational stress. The organization has organized weekly picnics that seek to relief employees of work related stress. A small marketing company has introduced a health care employee assistance program where it caters for all the health expenses that an employee may have. Going through these employee assistance programs one gets to recognize that the larger the size of the company, the more complex the program involved is (Mannion, 2014). The program integrated in the small marketing company is not similar or as sophisticated as the one used in the multinational telecommunication organization.
As the supervisor of this law firm, I recommend that you join the program where you get to enjoy picnics with other members of the organization and even with family members. I advise this because I find it necessary to relief stress at times. Handling clients is a very tasking responsibility and to earn the trust of a client it is vital to be sharp. Picnics will assist you feel rejuvenated and you will have better lawyer-client relations.
Mannion, L. (2014). Employee Assistance Programs. London: Oxford University Press. Read More
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