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Discussion: the sustainability of organizational change and has two components - Essay Example

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To do so the change covers a diverse number of fields to bring about a holistic effect of the change. The change can be achieved in a number of ways that include skill development, growth,…
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Extract of sample "Discussion: the sustainability of organizational change and has two components"

Sustainability of Organizational Change affiliation Organization Sustainability Change is aimed at making better the productivity and performance of the business. To do so the change covers a diverse number of fields to bring about a holistic effect of the change. The change can be achieved in a number of ways that include skill development, growth, downsizing, innovation, replacement and layoffs. Although the transformation as a whole entirely depends on the leadership, style practiced in the organization.
Different leadership styles determine the level of acceptable of a change. That change owned by the organization members as a whole is likely to change more than the one forced on them. Leadership and the leadership style is the backbone in the bid to drive change in an organisation. With faith in the capability of a leader in an organization by its employees, the employees look forward to their leader on a number of things. At the time of the accelerated of implemented change, the employees will expect timely, sensible planning, complete communication, decision making that is confident and effective. During the period of change, the employees should perceive supportive leadership concerned and dedicated to their wellbeing (Nadler & Nadler, 1998).
In short, there is a need to have trust among between the leadership and the employees for accelerated change in the organisation. At the same time, the employees are expected to own the whole change process. There is always the fear of the unworn in unclearly communicated change with clear expectations stated. Therefore, that calls for a well-planned change process. In the first instance, the employees should be made aware timely to enhance the aspect of them owning the change. To alleviate the fears of the new way of doing things on the employee’s well-being, must a leader to organize for training with the employees on the expected outcome and the rewards on successful employees in the whole process as a motivator.

Nadler, D., & Nadler, M. B. (1998). Champions of change: how CEOs and their companies are mastering the skills of radical change. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers. Read More
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