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Managerial Applications of Technology (Virtual Workforce) 3 - Assignment Example

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One of these ways is that technology through the internet and its applications enables organizations to connect to the remote workers. Through such connections, remote employees…
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Managerial Applications of Technology (Virtual Workforce) 3
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Extract of sample "Managerial Applications of Technology (Virtual Workforce) 3"

MANAGERIAL APPLICATIONS OF TECHNOLOGY Managerial Applications of Technology There are a number of ways through which technology facilitates the utilization of remote employees. One of these ways is that technology through the internet and its applications enables organizations to connect to the remote workers. Through such connections, remote employees can function as part of an organization despite the geographical distance. The other way through which technology enables utilization of remote workers is through facilitating communication. For instance, video conference can enable a virtual worker to attend a meeting from a different location (DuFrene & Lehman, 2012). Remote workers need to have proper communication with their colleagues, the managers, and other teams or team members in the organization. Technology also provides support to organize through availing IT services and appliances which makes remote workers more effective.
There are a number of advantages of using virtual employees. One advantage is that it reduces the amount of physical space that an organization allocated to its employees. Virtual employees have flexibility which enables such organizations to have flexibility to some extent (Tedesco, 2013). For instance, a virtual employee would not be affected, by any physical disturbance in the organization’s premises. The other thing is that virtual employees can be more productive because of less commuting time. The disadvantage of virtual employees is that they have minimal interactions with their colleagues thus it can be hard for them to work together. It is also hard for an organization to motivate virtual and protect them from distractions.
Given that the usage of virtual employees has both advantages and disadvantages it is good to come up with strategies to maximize the advantages and minimize the disadvantages. An organization can do that by improving their communication with the virtual workers to make sure that they feel like a part of the organization. For things like motivation and distraction an organization can organize seminars where they can advise the virtual employees on how to best manage time and avoid distractions. To maximize on their output an organization can set goals for them to meet in certain duration (Amigoni & Gurvis, 2009).
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