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In the paper “Changing Technologies and Products in the Postal Department,” the author discusses the postal department, which is one of the most vital parts of government initiatives that constantly interact with the common man. The training programs facilitate the acquisition of skills and knowledge…
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Changing Technologies and Products in Postal Department
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 Changing Technologies and Products in Postal Department
I am Eliza Wepplo and I would like to describe myself as a dynamic young person who thrives on meeting new challenges and work as team to improve and improvise work performance outcome, both at the individual level and organization level. The contemporary business environment has made it imperative for the working force to become more flexible and swiftly adapt to the changing technologies and products. Postal department is one of the most vital parts of government initiatives that constantly interact with the common man. The training programs facilitate the acquisition of skills and necessary knowledge to develop a wider perspective towards various issues. I would, therefore, like to be considered for the training program and develop skills and strategies for optimal performance, within the parameters of organizational goals and objectives.
I have been in the postal department of St. Paul and Scandia, Minnesota for more than four years and worked in different capacities, ranging from mail sorting clerk to OIC. The myriad experience has been a huge learning graph that has helped me evolve as a professional and also as an effective leader who is able to motivate the staff through shared learning. It has helped me to realize that team leadership needs to inculcate mutual understanding and trust. It should also promote collective vision of the organization and provide the necessary impetus to the employees to strive towards it.
I have also realized that effective communication is the key to the success. It is an important skill for people who need to interact with public and new persons on a daily basis. The leaders and market and sales professionals must develop this skill to effectively communicate with other so as to motivate and inspire others towards their intended issues and goals. A good leader is not only able to inspire but he is able to diffuse a volatile situation and turn it into an advantage for himself and his organization. Postal service is intrinsically linked to customer service and therefore, it is essential that workforce needs to make efforts to cultivate this skill.
Some people believe that postal service system is too big and employees cannot make a difference! This is a myth because effective leadership is capable of inspiring the workforce so that each of them can contribute gainfully to improve performance outcome. Vince Lombardi asserts that ‘coaches who can outline plays on a black board are a dime a dozen. The ones who win get inside their player and motivate’. Indeed, a good leader always leads by example and helps build relationship based on mutual trust which inspires others to give their best. The leadership encourages creativity and innovative practices that give a unique perspective to participatory approach of management and employees.
My initiatives in the department, especially the ‘gift scheme of stamps’ at Christmas and making workforce an intrinsic part of decision making in increasing ‘mystery shop scores’ have been appreciated by my seniors and staff alike. I sincerely believe that leadership qualities and effective communication skills are individual characteristics that are not necessarily linked to extensive work experience. As a highly skilled communicator, the training program would instil perceptible understanding of the wide ranging implications of managerial issues. I would be better equipped to apply the informed choices in the manner that befits the needs of the people and the business goals. I would therefore, like to be considered for the training program. Read More
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