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In what ways does the environment appear to shape organisations - Essay Example

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It is difficult for an organization to progress rapidly if the environment does not provide the necessary atmosphere. For example, consider a country like Pakistan or Afghanistan. Big organizations…
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In what ways does the environment appear to shape organisations
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Download file to see previous pages Political stability and civilized social culture are some other environmental factors; organizations are looking for before investing in a country. Most of the African countries are infamous for the internal agitations and political instability. Such countries are incapable of attracting foreign direct investment because of the negative environment they possess for the business build up. In short, healthy environment is essential for organizations to cement their bases and strategies.
Business Psychology is one of the rapidly developing business segments in which the psychology of the employees, and the environmental parameters (customers, society and other stakeholders) are comprehensively investigated. Proper awareness of psychological dimensions of the environment can help the organization immensely in advertising, public relations and the way in which the organization visualise its customers and in the management of organization- employee relationships. This paper briefly explains the environmental impacts on organizations.
Musacco Ph.D (2009) has argued that harassment, mobbing, bullying, and emotional abuses are common at the workplaces which resulted in increased fear and minimal trust between workers (Musacco Ph.D, 2009, p.2). No two individuals are alike either in their physical appearance or in their behaviours. An organization is a place where different people from different social, economical, cultural, communal and political backgrounds are working together. These people may have extremely different attitudes and characters. Even though they are working for the same organization, it is difficult for them to leave all their individual differences outside the organization and work for the common objectives inside the organization. Different opinions and views may occur between workers which may often result in harassment, mobbing, bullying, and emotional ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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