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Specific Visual - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Their love has been rocked with several storms that has seen them give love another meaning altogether. Currently, Charlie is looking for a stable relationship that would make him erase Helen’s…
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Specific Visual
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Download file to see previous pages Charlie was still trembling as a result of prior discussion he had between Lincoln and Marion. Back in his room he could not get a piece of sleep. The image of Helen haunted him. Helen, whom he had loved so much until they had senselessly begun to abuse each other’s love, tears it into shreds. On that terrible February night that Marion vividly remembers, a slow quarrel had lasted on for hours. There was a scene at the Florida, and then he tempted to take her home, she then kissed young Webb at the table; after that there was what she had hysterically said.
Charlie gets irked by life events; he did not even have an idea of how she got home later on. They were reconciled but it appeared to be the beginning of the end. Marion had seen all these for her and imagined it to be one of the many scenes from her sister’s martyrdom and she never forgets about that.
Helen’s image never ceased from appearing in most of the occasion. This demonstrated the kind of love that he had for her. Even as much as there were some minor misunderstanding that made their marriage not all that fine, Charlie loved Helen. She always appeared in most of his thoughts and this made Charlie not forget her easily. His thoughts and dreams are expressive attempts to deal with feelings in connection with Helen. This is a period of change from relating to her as an external reality, to meeting and accepting her as alive in his memory and inner life (Guggenheim, Bill, and Judy 210).
Going over it again brought Helen closer, and in the white, soft light that steals upon half sleep near morning he found himself talking to her again. She said that he was perfectly right about Honoria and that she wanted Honoria to be with him. She said she was glad and doing better. Helen’s visitation dream was full of good things but she was in a swing in a white dress and swinging faster and faster all the time, such that at the end ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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