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Effective Knowledge Management System - Case Study Example

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The paper 'Effective Knowledge Management System' presents knowledge management which is a process of developing, sharing, capturing and effectively using organizational knowledge in the business field. An effective knowledge management system can help to achieve organizational objectives…
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Effective Knowledge Management System
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Extract of sample "Effective Knowledge Management System"

Download file to see previous pages An organization can get competitive advantages in the market than other competitors by applying knowledge management efforts. It also helps to do a more improved and innovative performance. Sharing of knowledge is a major part of a knowledge management system that can overlap the traditional learning procedure. In this regard, the SECI model can be used by any organization to handle its knowledge management system in a better way. The model is mainly focusing on tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge. In this model, four modes of knowledge conversion are identified. These modes are Socialization, Externalization, Combination, and Internalization (Becerra-Fernandez and Leidner, 2008). This model is described as follows.
Socialization [Tacit to Tacit] – In this mode knowledge is passed on through practice, observation, guidance, and imitation. Tacit knowledge is such a kind of knowledge that it is difficult to transfer to another person by verbalizing it or by means of writing it down. Here social interaction is an example of tacit to the tacit knowledge transfer system. Sharing knowledge through face to face or through experience both come under this model. Meeting, conference, etc are examples of socialization in which people can get knowledge through sharing experiences. This kind of knowledge sharing system is time and space specific and also difficult to formalize.
 Externalization [Tacit to Explicit] – In this mode, tacit knowledge is transformed or coded into manuals or documents so that it can distribute in an easier way throughout the organization. Every employee of a certain organization can get access to knowledge through this system. Here tacit knowledge is coded into explicit knowledge. Explicit knowledge means such kind of knowledge that is codified, articulated, expressed, stored in certain media and readily transmitted to others. For example - knowledge which is available in books, websites, etc.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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