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Patagonia's Core Values - Assignment Example

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The assignment 'Patagonia's Core Values' concerns the core values of Patagonia which are honesty, integrity, passion and hardworking. It is clear that employees understand the success is employee satisfaction. Each employee understands the significance of their work…
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Patagonias Core Values
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Extract of sample "Patagonia's Core Values"

Patagonia’s are also environmentalists, which appeals to individuals. A great product or a service model allows Patagonia allows them to excel and make the best product because of ironclad guarantee.
Patagonia employees understand the significance of their product is that they bring passion and commitment to work. When employees can buy into a product and possess psychological success. For flexibility to juggle both work and school, Patagonia has reached so much satisfaction because individuals want to stay current and progressive. Innovation has allowed employees to participate in an internship and began working as a full-time environment. Moreover, child development centers have allowed flexibility in the workforce, which allows them to retain their workforce. Read More
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... intellectual capital. With the heightened and newly-acquired intellectual capital, Patagonia is able to enjoy efficiency in production. Efficiency ensures that resources and organizational synergies are minimally used, for optimal results. This eventually ushers in surplus capital. In this surplus capital, Patagonia has a source of plough-back profit to further stimulate and propound business growth. References Surhone, L. M., Tennoe, T. M. & Henssonow, F. S. (2011). Patagonia. New York: Betascript Publishing.... Management Number Introduction and Approaches to Employee Development Used At Patagonia It is not indoubt that Patagonia is one of the most dynamic clothing and textile outlets and business...
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