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Tesco Research Paper - Essay Example

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Based in Huston, Texas, the company pries itself in the dispensation of numerous services including designing, manufacturing and servicing technological equipment used in the energy industry…
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Tesco Research Paper
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Extract of sample "Tesco Research Paper"

Download file to see previous pages The report below therefore investigates the manifestation of the organizational culture, structure and the motivational factors that the management employs in enhancing the profitability of the company. In doing this, the research compares the utilization of numerous theories that explain the implementation of such factors in a commercial organization thus enhancing the profitability of the company.
Humans are among the most fundamental resources in an organization. This makes the management of humans important since they influence the profitability of the commercial organization. Systems theory of management views commercial organizations as systems with numerous components that must work seamlessly albeit independently in order for the organization to run as a unified whole. In most cases, the components are often in the form of departments. Tesco Corporation has numerous departments key among which are administration, production, marketing and human resource among many others. The various departments must work independently by making independent decisions. However, in making such decisions, the departments must consult each other in order to safeguard the profitability of the commercial organization.
Organizational culture refers to the behavior of people within a company. Organizational culture is therefore an essential factor that influences the profitability of a commercial organization since an organization interacts with numerous people. As explained earlier, human resources are some of the most important people in an organization. Additionally, the customers and lawmakers among many other stakeholder are all humans who influence the profitability of a company. This underscores the need for an organization to develop effective structures to supervise the interaction among people within the organization. Tesco Corporation understands the need for effective management of behavior within the organization. Among the tools, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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