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Applying a leadership theory to the Qatar Fencing Federation - Essay Example

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This essay focuses on that there is a substantial lack of motivation and minimal team cohesion within the Qatar Fencing Federation. The Federation requires a leader with the ability to create unity whilst also encouraging, stimulating and inspiring all group members…
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Applying a leadership theory to the Qatar Fencing Federation
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Extract of sample "Applying a leadership theory to the Qatar Fencing Federation"

Download file to see previous pages Organisational culture is best defined as a set of beliefs and group values which serve as the underpinning for behavioural norms that drive actions of organisational members. Attitudes of employees and managers alike determine the culture of an organisation. When a group has established an organisational culture where all group members share similar sets of convictions, it is easier to create a team-focused organisation. When there is a culture where there is disparity in thinking and values, it can obstruct the achievement of goals and objectives. This is why transformational leadership is the most effective solution for the Federation. With the President, coaches, managers and players all having different personal objectives for what drives their actions, there is no ability to get everyone in the group to begin thinking and behaving along a set of established norms. Cohesive culture development requires routine communications between all group members, regularly remind the group of the organisation’s vision and mission, which in turn creates loyalty and support for the transformational leader. This is the essence of transformational leadership: ensure active participation and consultation among all group members, establish and consistently reiterate a mission and vision for the team, and use inspirational dialogue to motivate others to work cooperatively as a team; rather than just as a group. The individual within the Qatar Fencing Federation that would be most viable as a transformational leader is one of the coaches. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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