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Managerial Applications of Technology (Ethical Hacking)2 - Assignment Example

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As their description goes, ethical hackers are hackers who comply with the expectations of an organization, thus cannot breach their operation codes (Hafelee, 2004). This means that their actions can be ethical and still effective in that they secure an organization’s IT…
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Managerial Applications of Technology (Ethical Hacking)2
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Extract of sample "Managerial Applications of Technology (Ethical Hacking)2"

Managerial Applications of Technology (Ethical Hacking) As their goes, ethical hackers are hackers who comply with the expectations of an organization, thus cannot breach their operation codes (Hafelee, 2004). This means that their actions can be ethical and still effective in that they secure an organization’s IT system by detecting their faults and strengthening them. In securing their information systems, managers have to consider factors such as the sensitivity of the information (say like employees’ private data), who the information is being revealed to (the hacker), the potential reactions that may result if the information leaks, and finally the credibility of the parties entrusted with the provision of security. Hiring ethical hackers has some advantages such as one, a hacker will apply all their knowledge in succeeding to bypass the implemented security systems and upon succeeding, and the faults in the systems are discovered and secured. Again, it is safer to have a hacker working for an organization than against it (Saleem, 2006). This is so because in the second scenario, there are more chances of the organization being trespassed.
On the contrary, hiring ethical workers may be detrimental in that say in a banking institution, a hacker may discover a fault which they can use to get more money than they earn, and betray the organization by stealing from it. This means that in the event that an ethical worker ignores the ethics, then the organization’s information is placed at risks (Conran, 2014). However, despite all this, it is important that management hires ethical hackers to verify the security of their systems since this protects them from malicious (black) hackers. The ethical hackers should be vetted for their ethical backgrounds, or be acquired from credible organizations.
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