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Customer Focus - Assignment Example

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Some organizations and individuals, however, may fail to maintain focus on customers. The main causes of failure in customer-focus include lack of customer knowledge, poor marketing segmentation,…
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Customer Focus
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Extract of sample "Customer Focus"

Focus Focus focus constitutes the fundamental element of total quality management. Some organizations andindividuals, however, may fail to maintain focus on customers. The main causes of failure in customer-focus include lack of customer knowledge, poor marketing segmentation, inaccuracy in data mining, and poor new product development.
Lack of understanding of customers, market dynamics, and technology limits organizations’ ability to make customer-focused decisions. It is impossible to maintain customer focus without proper comprehension of all aspects surrounding them (Fader, 2012). Second, failure to focus on customers may be caused by poor marketing segmentation. Proper market segmentation highlights the needs of each customer and enables organizations to focus on those specific needs (Fader, 2012). Customer-focus, therefore, is impossible in instances characterized by poor market segmentation. Third, poor approaches to data mining limits the possibility of meeting customer needs. Inaccurate data affects the effectiveness of market segmentation, constraining the possibility of customer focus. The fourth cause of failure in customer focus is poor product development. Product development should focus on specific customer requirements and aim at meeting those wants at no extra cost (Fader, 2012). Organizations fail in customer focus if new product development does not take into account market trends, competitors’ actions, and user-requirements.
Serving internal and external customers are similar because both need quality services and must access these services for them to continue fair dealings with the organization. However, external customers can easily give up from the organization if they do not receive excellent treatment. Internal customers may sometimes bear with the speed of operation of internal employees. Inspiring customer trust requires effective service delivery; therefore, individuals and organizations should ensure customer focus all the time by avoiding acting in ways that constrain the ability to focus on customers.
Fader, P. (2012). Customer centricity: Focus on the right customers for strategic advantage. Philadeplphia: Wharton. Read More
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Customer Focus Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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