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Customer Focus as a Prescription for Driving Innovatio - Essay Example

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This research is being carried out to critically evaluate and present Fred Hassan’s vindications in his speech titled Customer Focus as a Prescription for Driving Innovation by filtering them in the screens of reality and truth…
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Customer Focus as a Prescription for Driving Innovatio
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Download file to see previous pages This paper illustrates that Fred asserts that innovation is the root that firmly holds and gives strength, growth, and vitality of people, in an organization as well as the society. He illustrates further by outlining that innovation is creativity in action. It encompasses finding brilliant ideas and making them happen. When it is applied, it adds nutrients to life and organization. Apparently, we are in the information age. All the innovative ideas that were illuminated by earlier giants have either been improved or reinvented to greater heights. Innovation in broad perspective is a huge arena but can be described as creativity that consequently results into something new or better and add value to an individual(s) or a society (organization). For an instant, communication has completely been revolutionized. High powered communication devices with better upgrades are launched every day by competing firms with the aim of having a competitive edge over each other. However, there were individuals who provided the basics in earlier years that have been so advanced to the stratosphere. Besides, these innovations in communication ecological niche have contributed significantly to globalization. The use of Facebook, WhatsApp and other advanced sites of communications are as a result of individuals sweat their blood out to impact positively on the society. The roots of these ideas must have been so simple but various persons have advanced them. Fred uses Edison’s analogy of innovation as a way of doing thing better to impact positively on someone. Someone, in this case, refers to the customer(s). The customer can be a person, an organization or society whose needs are fulfilled by the innovation. Besides, the invention of social media responded to the customers’ desire. It is indeed true that some innovation has not only radically changed the world but also revolutionized it. For example, the invention of the wheel has had a tremendous impact on human life for centuries. At the initial stages when the wheels were invented, they were not highly appreciated as people were accustomed to they would move around. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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