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Week 3 Chapter 7 QM - Assignment Example

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An employee whose output is being used by another employee is the supplier for that employee and vice versa for the customer inside the organization. For example, in…
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Week 3 Chapter 7 QM
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Factual Review Questions Explain the contemporary concepts and supplier. According to the contemporary concepts, both the andsupplier exist inside and outside the organization. An employee whose output is being used by another employee is the supplier for that employee and vice versa for the customer inside the organization. For example, in car assembly line, the worker that assembles a car engine and delivers it to the worker who installs it into the car’s body structure is the supplier for the installer. On the other hand, installer of an engine is the customer in this case.
2. How does the contemporary view of customers and suppliers from the more traditional view?
According to traditional view customers and suppliers exist only outside the organization. These are people with whom company interacts before processes take place are called suppliers. On the other hand, people who come in contact with the company after the process of manufacturing or rendering services are called customers. Whereas, according to the contemporary viewpoint both customers and suppliers are existed inside and outside the company.
3. Explain the role of customer in the total quality setting.
In the total quality setting, customers play a pivotal and central role as they define quality. In the total quality setting customers are given top priority as they are success determinant for company. Reliable customer (one who makes repeated purchases) ensures the long term success of the company; therefore, its satisfaction is important.
4. What is a reliable customer?
Reliable customer is the one who is satisfied with the company’s offerings and keep on making repeated purchases. Reliable customer can only be achieved by the company when he/she is highly satisfied.
5. What role does customer satisfaction play in the development of reliable customers?
Customer satisfaction plays a key role in transforming a customer into a reliable customer. This is because once the customer is highly satisfied with what it is getting out of the product or product is exceeding his expectation only then he/she will make repetitive purchase. Otherwise, customer will simply switch to another product.
6. How is customer satisfaction ensured?
Customer satisfaction can be ensured by bringing company’s employees in close contact with customers in order to find out their problems and complains related to products. Simultaneously, company should bestow powers in employees so that they could take actions to eradicate customer’s problems and make them satisfied in the end.
7. Briefly describe what is meant by organization that has customer focus.
Organization that has customer focus operates for the satisfaction of its customers. This is why such organization not only focuses on quality but also keeps on improving it on the continuous basis.
8. How does an organization go about establishing a customer focus?
The organization should identify needs of its internal and external customers thoroughly. It should communication with them on the regular basis. Organization should also look into customer’s feedback in order to establish a customer focus structure.
9. Explain the six step process for identifying customer needs.
These six steps are simple and easy to understand and are explained as follow:
I. Companies should speculate initially about the needs of customers, this will help them to compare it with actual results in the end.
II. Companies should draft a plan for gathering information about needs of their customers.
III. After developing a plan they should start gathering information according to plan.
IV. Once done with information collection process, try to analyze it in detail.
V. Checking the validity of analysis is important and this can again be done by discussing results with customers.
VI. After accomplishing above mentioned step, it is time to take action in the light of the result.
10. Describe how organizations should go about in communicating with their customers.
Organizations should communicate with their customers on continual basis in order to know about the changes in their needs. Improved productivity, product enhancement and internal improvements can be achieved by organizations as a result of this communication with customers.
Goetsch, D. L., Davis, S., & Goetsch, D. L. (2010). Quality management for organizational excellence: Introduction to total quality. Upper Saddle River, N.J: Prentice Hall. Read More
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Week 3 Chapter 7 QM Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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