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The Qualities of Leaders - Assignment Example

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The secret behind their success definitely includes strong determination to achieve the desired goals and a powerful leadership…
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The Qualities of Leaders
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Extract of sample "The Qualities of Leaders"

Business Leaders When we talk about business leaders then the persons, who might come to our minds, are those persons who are actually ruling over the business world. The secret behind their success definitely includes strong determination to achieve the desired goals and a powerful leadership style to move their teams and groups in a positive direction. All the business leaders have certain qualities, which make them so powerful and influential for their team of employees. Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and Steve Jobs (Apple) are the example of two business leaders who are much famous for their leadership style in their industry.
There can be a list of leadership qualities in the personality of Jeff Bozos (Anders, 2012). It is famous that Bezos always keeps an eye on system thinking. He always adds customers as an important member in the meetings. He is always planning for a long-term approach. Initially his investments may look like wastage but it may reap profits in the end. Failure is not a problem for him, but surely, he prefers to be creative and inventive. He always believes on a participative decision-making and due to this reason, he always prefers customer feedback. He is famous for giving values to his employees. Every single person at Amazon is considered as the Amazon Leader.
Steve Jobs is a person who is considered as a very strong and successful leader; but there are some negative traits associated with his leadership style (Sander, 2011). It is famous that he was a bit arrogant towards other people. For involving all the team members, there should be a friendly environment in the organization. A good communication is badly needed between the leader and the team members. In case of his leadership, the communication element was missing. There were no training programs for the staff members. A good leader should keep his team members updated. Feedback is also another important part of business cycle and in his case there was no clear system to collect feedback.
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Sander, B. (2011), ‘Unforgiveable Leadership Mistakes That Steve Jobs Made’, Sanders Consulting Group, retrieved on July 6, 2014 from Read More
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(The Qualities of Leaders Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
The Qualities of Leaders Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“The Qualities of Leaders Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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