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Highlighting the Need to Have Proper Computer Networking Standards - Essay Example

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tHE ESSAY "Highlighting the Need to Have Proper Computer Networking Standards " presents the author's statement. It says: I am writing to respond to a memo dated June 26th, 2014 on the subject, “Highlighting the need to have proper computer networking standards followed in the company. …
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Highlighting the Need to Have Proper Computer Networking Standards
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Extract of sample "Highlighting the Need to Have Proper Computer Networking Standards"

Organizations will be able to respond to the various needs of the stakeholders without taking much time. Additionally, networking will save the company from frequent traveling since it will be able to share information as well as files with minimal time wastage. Therefore, the memo is on point on the benefits of networking an organization.
This is in response to memo 2 titled, “Computer Networking Standards Recommendation” dated on June 26th, 2014. I agree with the memo that the increasing and the advancement of technologies are making it difficult for companies’ technicians to cope with emerging software. Therefore, the development of companies that help organizations to integrate the software in management is brilliant.
Organizations don’t have to hire computer networking staffs every time they acquire a new system, but can use the automated systems from companies such as Cobit, Sam IT among others in understanding an organization and driving the values of the shareholders. They will offer support and on-site and remote diagnostics which is essential for organizational performance. Read More
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(Highlighting the Need to Have Proper Computer Networking Standards Essay)
Highlighting the Need to Have Proper Computer Networking Standards Essay.
“Highlighting the Need to Have Proper Computer Networking Standards Essay”, n.d.
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