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Organisational Change Management: Human Resource Management, Organisational Behaviour and Tourism - Essay Example

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This essay declares that organizational change which can be defined as a process of corporate restructuring or removal of key personnel to minor changes in the operating procedures. Organizational change may come from both internal and external sources. …
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Organisational Change Management: Human Resource Management, Organisational Behaviour and Tourism
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Extract of sample "Organisational Change Management: Human Resource Management, Organisational Behaviour and Tourism"

Download file to see previous pages This report stresses that the organization has found itself in a state, where external pressure is forcing to bring about change its existing organizational structure. The main external factor in this case was political reforms in the country, which was passed with the aim of introducing efficiency in the electricity market. Prior to this, ELEC was enjoying monopoly in the electricity market and the employees had become complacent due to excessive benefits received from the job. The changes in the external environment had triggered internal pressure within the company, mainly manifesting through changes in the vision of the management. The reforms in the electricity market were made due to the fact that existing companies had created a monopoly in the market, leading to inefficient delivery of services.
From the discussion it is clear that the work group attitude and norms had altered dramatically at the management level, which caused severe problems among the employees. This report, therefore, presents a way by which CEO of the organization can involve employees in the process of organizational change and communicate the changes to them in a transparent manner so as to reduce their frustration. It aims to provide a guideline that would enable organizations to pacify disgruntled employees, making them realize the need for these changes. From the discussion so far, it has been established that there are multiple ways whereby ELEC can improve the process of change management. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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