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Prepareabriefingnoteforacolleaguewhohasjustbeenpromotedintoaleadership positionwithinyourorganization,oranorganizationwithwhichyouarefamiliar.Thenoteshould adviseyourcolleagueonwhatlead - Essay Example

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This essay entails advises him on the leadership and how to effectively manage the organisation. To start with leadership is best described as responsibility. As he was being groomed to take up…
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Prepareabriefingnoteforacolleaguewhohasjustbeenpromotedintoaleadership positionwithinyourorganization,oranorganizationwithwhichyouarefamiliar.Thenoteshould adviseyourcolleagueonwhatlead
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Extract of sample "Prepareabriefingnoteforacolleaguewhohasjustbeenpromotedintoaleadership positionwithinyourorganization,oranorganizationwithwhichyouarefamiliar.Thenoteshould adviseyourcolleagueonwhatlead"

Leadership My colleague has just been promoted into a leadership position within the company. This essay entails advises him on the leadership and how to effectively manage the organisation. To start with leadership is best described as responsibility. As he was being groomed to take up the leadership position he was briefed on the importance of his role as leader. However, it is important to note that one can only become an effective leader through self-reflection. I will start by explaining the three organisational theories and how they can be used as efficient management tools. Secondly, I will brief him on the leadership theories that he could adopt for the effective management of the organisation. Thirdly, I will brief him on team work that is known to be one of the most important aspects of success within contemporary organisations. Finally, I will look into the culture of the organisation and how it impacts on decision-making.
There are three important organisational theories namely scientific management, classical and bureaucratic theories. The bureaucratic theory is an impersonal framework and it could have its advantages and disadvantages within the organisation (Argyris, 2012:56). Excluding emotions within the organisation could infringe on creativity among the employees and minimizes the level of conflicts and could be the best approach while dealing with official matters in the business. The second theory is scientific management. This theory mainly focuses on employee motivation within the organisation (Barkin, 2006:13). Employee motivation is viewed as one of the major contributing factors towards success within the company. This is owing to the fact that a motivated work force works hard towards achieving the entity’s goals and objectives (Owens, 2007). This theory however notes that the major aspect contributing to employee motivation is based on compensation. Money is an important motivating factor among employees. However, it can be noted that other factors play an important part in employee motivation as well (Owens, 2007).
The last theory is the Classical theory that is the most practical for the current situation. This concept takes the idea of employee motivation into a new level (Winkler, 2010:14). This is done by taking beliefs, ideals, values as well as the need for employee satisfaction into consideration (Owens, 2007). This is because intrinsic and extrinsic factors of motivation are important in employee motivation and satisfaction. However, the theory has a major weakness in that it employs the ‘scalar principle’. While it is important for there to be some sort of hierarchy within the organisation, there is a common belief that lack of effective communication among the different levels in the entity can be disadvantageous.
In my view, the leader should establish a common ground between the three theories in organisational management. It is also highly important to look at what has been practiced in the company in the past. Obviously, there are some concepts that have been successful in the past and the leader should build on them. The leaders should pick the strengths of the theories and come up with a liquid and flexible form of organisation. This is where the concept of organisational behaviour becomes practical. It takes into consideration various variables while remaining methodical and properly structured.
Managers are expected to maintain flexibility while leaders are required to have a sound vision that is not easily changed. If any change is to take place in the organisation it should be because it develops into a stronger and more comprehensive vision. The leader should focus towards improving team work in the company. A leader should be able to establish a sense of team work within the company by creating and environment of cooperation and collaboration. This is the vision that defines the concept of effective leadership within the company. The leader should also be inspiration and have the ability to bring out the best out of the employees as well as establish an inspirational environment.
In order to get an accurate definition of leadership it is important to analyze the management style that is best for the organisation. It has been observed that the team leadership approach is the best for the organisation. The Blake Mouton framework states a team leader is the one who focuses on the needs of the people and the production needs in the company as explained by Owens (2007). This style of management is seen as a high motivator within organisations and more significantly it gives the team a better sense of ownership and satisfaction. This team style is used together with the situational style of leadership especially because the organisation is mainly is mainly based on a situational framework. This situational model will also help the leader establish a selling point for his ideas and leadership style.
It is important for the leader to bear in mind that leadership is no longer seen as a managerial or boss role. It is seen as being more of a coach. A coach is seen as being more than a dictator that hands down orders. He plays an inspirational role in the team (Glenn, 2010:13). The concept of teaming is highly important. There has been an improvement in the use of data-based assessment and the need to delegate duties among the employees. Establishing teams is one of most effective ways of sharing responsibility among the employees. Individuals have a sense of ownership when they work together to attain specific goals. They are more involved in the operations within the company. All these aspects boil down to motivation. This is owing to the fact that instead of being weighed down by their duties, they are excited towards attaining their goals in the respective departments.
The other positive outcome that is related with establishing teams is improved communication in the organisation. This is where the leader can adopt a team dimension profile approach. As a leader it is important to establish the kinds of patterns that the individuals should adopt. The leader is advised to adopt these patterns when coming up with team to improve efficiency in communication within the teams (Kondalkar, 2007:14). Consequently, communication is improved throughout the entity. Teaming also facilitates communication within the organisation by allowing the employees to communicate in a united way. The leader should bear in mind that where team work and communication are absent, the organisation is likely to be more scalar. Communication is lost between the members of staff and the administration whereas when teams are established the playing field is levelled for everyone in the organisation. I would advise the leader to adopt the team work approach owing to the above discussed benefits as well as look forward into discovering the further benefits of this leadership concept (Owens, 2007).
The leader should look at the important aspects that make up the organisational climate. He will use this in how he will communicate the employees as well as apply it in the decision making. While referring into his situation it is assumed that the organisation is similar to other education institutions. It is important to consider that the influence of factors varies in intensity. The most significant factor that impacts of the particular entity is the organisation (Kondalkar, 2007:45). This is where the relationship between influence and interaction is considered. This policy focuses on the concept that the interaction and structure of the company are interdependent.
After a detailed analysis of the organisation it has become apparent that communication is highly effective for the organisation. The employees communicate freely on the issues affecting them and this has positively impacted on the organisational culture. However, I would advise the leader to work on the communication between the employees and the management. This has led to a decline in motivation among the employees, negative feelings as well as uncertain decision-making (Ybema, 2011:13). This is simply another effect of the scalar principle that has proven to be destructive in the organisation over the years. This means that the leader can positively impact on the organisational behaviour and culture within the entity. The leaders should analyze the key aspects that influence the organisational climate in a significant way. These factors are mainly situational and the leader should term them as such.
The leader is advised to take varying aspects into account when establishing the organisational climate and culture (Winkler, 2010:55). It is imperative to look into the various established symbols when analyzing the organisational culture. The important symbols in the organisation include beliefs, traditions and heroes. Heroes represent the most qualified employees within the organisation and impact on how individuals within an entity behave. The culture within the organisation is influenced by the belief system and individuals with these organisations have a positive attitude and high expectations. Finally, the traditions within the firm have helped shape the behaviour of employees within the entity and also fortified the bond among them.
To sum up, the above discussion advises the new leader on what is expected of them in their new leadership position. This advice is based on the relevant theories in team work, organisational culture and leadership. The leader will succeed in his new task if he follows the above stipulations.
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