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Leadership Styles and Traits - Term Paper Example

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This term paper describes the Leadership that has become a critical issue within the broader context of organizational imperatives and social consciousness. The researcher focuses on discussing of the different leadeship styles and traits that are used today…
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Leadership Styles and Traits
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Extract of sample "Leadership Styles and Traits"

Download file to see previous pages This term paper discusses the various leadership qualities and styles of leaders that not only enhance the organizational performance but also create a motivated workforce. The four major styles of leadership were discussed in the term paper: situational leadership; transformational leadership; participative leadership; and charismatic leadership. The researcher states that these leadership styles not only judiciously exploit the competencies of the followers but also ensure that they are equipped with necessary knowledge to meet the challenges of time. Kouzes and Posner have asserted that four major traits of leaders vis-à-vis honesty; forward looking; inspiring; and competency are critical paradigms of leaders that cut across gender, race, culture and nationality. These qualities hugely help the leaders to gain the trust of the followers who willingly follow them. The researcher concludes that effective leadership is highly stimulating and encourages an ongoing learning process within and outside the precincts of organization goals and objectives. Good leaders use self example to promote trust and mutual respect which has become a crucial issue today. The leaders promote cross cultural understanding and are able to exploit their competencies for the welfare of the organization. The leadership that learns through experience becomes the enabling factor of organization and provides it with competitive advantage. Hence, leadership initiatives have become extremely relevant part of organizational success. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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