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Implementation and Analysis of Public Policy - Essay Example

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Obama is trying to respond to the military tensions in Iraq and to send 300 US troops to the country in order to stabilize the situation in the country and to prevent a sectarian civil war (Deyoung and Gearan, n.p.) and therefore, destabilization in the region (Starr and Cohen,…
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Implementation and Analysis of Public Policy
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Extract of sample "Implementation and Analysis of Public Policy"

Implementation and Analysis of Public Policy Obama sending up to 300 soldiers to Iraq as advisers, says move is limited What is the president Obama trying to do?
Obama is trying to respond to the military tensions in Iraq and to send 300 US troops to the country in order to stabilize the situation in the country and to prevent a sectarian civil war (Deyoung and Gearan, n.p.) and therefore, destabilization in the region (Starr and Cohen, n.p.). Obama also announced that American troops will help to ensure security of the U.S. Embassy and other American facilities in Baghdad. The initial goal of U.S. government is to accelerate the process of forming a government in Iraq and to ensure resolution of the conflict with minimal losses. For this purpose, some of the formed U.S. troops will provide support to the Iraqis while targeting ISIS forces by sharing their intelligence and coordinate planning process (Deyoung and Gearan, n.p.).
What he is trying to accomplish?
President Obama is giving public announcement of the decision trying to convince American society that American personnel will stay in safety there and that the government is working on the development of comprehensive counterterrorism strategy. Also, he stresses that there is a critical necessity to take active position in the conflict on behalf of the American government and that the government will take proactive actions to provide support to the Iraqis people (Deyoung and Gearan, n.p.). Thus, the American government declares its active position towards the situation in Iraq and is stressing its advisory role rather than combating reinforcement.
Do you think that policy works?
In my opinion the policy might work in case the objective of the plan declared by Obama is true. In case this policy is only a part of the plan and the president is going to take active combat position on behalf of the American government, then this policy can be perceived as a “cover” for the real plan. In any case it would be very challenging to ensure safety of the American soldiers in hot spot in Iraq. Provocative behavior on the one part can lead to a great military conflict and therefore, impose risk of greater number of victims. The policy looks more like the ground or cause to enter the Iraqis land.
What are the possible criticisms?
The possible criticisms of the Obama’s decision can relate to the issue that the President is opening a new front in the Middle East despite the official rejections (Deyoung and Gearan, n.p.). People might negatively perceive this decision and view it as continuation of spending money and threatening the lives of American soldiers in another land war in the Middle East (Deyoung and Gearan, n.p.). The fact that there will be soldiers who have already undergone military service on the Middle East and the polls that show lack of desire to return to Iraq also might raise additional criticism of the policy (Mulrine, n.p.). People might view this policy as a trigger for relaunching the eight-year war halted in 2011 (Starr and Cohen, n.p.).
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