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The author describes ten steps of implementation policy. The author states that policy assessment is one of the aspects of the systems approach to policymaking, and the evaluator should pass through the six steps to ensure that the assessment considers indicators that are relevant to that policy. …
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The Implementation Process of the Policy
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Download file to see previous pages Modifications have always been made to immigration policies in an attempt to ensure that the country receives only people that are beneficial to the survival of its citizens. However, these policies are all based on the premise that immigrants have a generalized negative effect on the systems in the country, whereby the common belief is that unless someone has a certain level of education, skills or other features, he or she should be denied entry into the country (Bush and McLarty, 2009). Without the specified criteria, the country believes that these people have an overall negative effect on the country and its people including security, economy, culture, politics, and other aspects of modern-day society (McWhirter, 2006).
Implementing policy depends on many factors including their effect on the people and the aim of policymakers in implementing the policy. In this case, the immigration policy had the aims of reducing the influx of immigrants into the country and ensuring that those who gain access into the country are the most productive of all the candidates (Givens, Freeman and Leal, 2009). Consequently, the needs of the country have to be considered, together with the welfare of citizens and immigrants. This ensures that the policy that is passed is the best for everyone, such that citizens will not be at a disadvantage due to the proliferation of the number of immigrants into the country. On the other hand, the policy should be humane enough not to deny immigrants entry into the country of their dreams if they deserve it. In order to achieve an all-encompassing policy, extensive consultations must be held among all stakeholders during the planning and implementation process (Balloch, 2005). In addition, consultations must be held to identify areas of weakness in the policy, or changes that have occurred in the country that would necessitate a change in policy.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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