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Inputs required for bell Bell Canada Strategic Process 2014 - Essay Example

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They include an excellent information technology system that will ensure that there is collection an interpretation of customer data to ensure that clients get what they expect from the company services. This in turn ensures customer satisfaction, therefore, leads to customer…
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Inputs required for bell Bell Canada Strategic Process 2014
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Extract of sample "Inputs required for bell Bell Canada Strategic Process 2014"

Inputs required for Bell Canada Strategies Affiliation Inputs required They include an excellent information technology system that will ensure that there is collection an interpretation of customer data to ensure that clients get what they expect from the company services. This in turn ensures customer satisfaction, therefore, leads to customer loyalty. There should be effective risk management strategies. This entails managing security and privacy risks with security professional services. The company will have to increase on the range of services that are meant to assess the risks, create action plans for compliance to standards, and review the policies and programs procedures while enhancing policy procedures for improved service delivery.
To increase the capacity of offering its services, there has to be consideration of increasing the number of data centers across regions in which the company offers its services. It will also entail consideration of increasing the working time to facilitate the flow of information. The security and the performance will have to be monitored closely to ensure safety and performance in the data centers and cover the entire network coverage. The cloud strategy is an important factor in this. There will have to be increased investment in the web design to allow the website get frequent visits to increase on its marketability (Martini & James, 2012). The web activity should also be made available to all call center agents.
The management will have to undergo evaluation to ensure that they are up to the task and they can ensure compliance to company regulations by the other employees. The company will also have to integrate teamwork in the company to ensure there is collective responsibility towards the company initiatives. Most importantly, there will have to be an advertisement that reflects the company adjustments to attract more customers.
Bell Canada Company,
Martini, N., & James, G. (2012). Scientific selling: Creating high-performance sales teams through applied psychology and testing. Hoboken, N.J: Wiley. Read More
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