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Evaluating the Process and Outcome of a Garbage Reduction Program - Essay Example

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The essay "Evaluating the Process and Outcome of a Garbage Reduction Program" states that the program theory was derived mainly from the experiences and hunches of the director in charge of the sanitation department in Nei-fu local government and the EPA program designer…
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Evaluating the Process and Outcome of a Garbage Reduction Program
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Extract of sample "Evaluating the Process and Outcome of a Garbage Reduction Program"

To successfully carry out an evaluation on the program, data collection was very crucial. The research methods that were applied in the data collection process included observation and use of semi-structured interviews by the research assistants (Chen, Wan & Lin, 1997). These two methods fall under the wider qualitative techniques that are deemed efficient in uncovering people’s experiences in different situations. In addition, the data collection methods did not require many participants hence making it less costly to carry out. The main drawback of the research method is the fact that the participation of only a section of the population (residents of Nei-fu) made it hard to draw statistical inferences to the rest of the country.

My program the reduction of the non-infectious disease program is derived from the Centers for Disease Control whose main goal is to protect public health. The main aim of this program will be to encourage outdoor sports activities meant to keep a person physically fit and free from lifestyle diseases. Some of the components of this particular evaluation that would be useful in my program evaluation are both the process and outcome evaluation. This will help in the determination of the success of the implementation of the program based on the observed outcome. It will only be possible to conduct the program evaluation after a specific period of time in order to establish whether participants of the program have been able to adopt healthy lifestyles or behaviors during their engagement in outdoor sporting activities. Since changing a person’s behavior takes a while, the considerable time to conduct the evaluation is after four months. Read More
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(Evaluating the Process and Outcome of a Garbage Reduction Program Essay)
Evaluating the Process and Outcome of a Garbage Reduction Program Essay.
“Evaluating the Process and Outcome of a Garbage Reduction Program Essay”, n.d.
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