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Soicalism in Africa - Essay Example

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African states had to select an economic system under which they could run their economy after independence, and some of them chose African socialism. Although many scholars attempt to delineate African socialism from classical socialism as espoused by Marx and his followers, it…
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Soicalism in Africa
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Extract of sample "Soicalism in Africa"

Download file to see previous pages ted by a capitalist system as espoused by the scholar, African socialists used the ideology for their self-serving means and thus reinforced the same vices that socialism was supposed to eradicate.
Karl Marx understood socialism as a system of production in which use-value rather than economic value took precedence during production. It, however, requires a means of economic planning where individuals would benefit from economic output in accordance to their contribution. Ownership of resources and people’s livelihood would be in the hands of the working class through public ownership or cooperatives (Gasper 67). Therefore, unlike capitalism, which directed surpluses of production to the elite, socialism was designed to reward society and the working class for their participation in production. One should note that Marx largely focused on communism; however, the scholar dedicated a small portion of his time to socialism. Several scholars admit that it is hard to find details on socialism directly from Karl Marx, but it is possible to use his traditional concepts to expound on the principle.
Marx believed that socialism was unique owing to the non-competitive way that production took place; people produce through association. In essence instead, of being controlled by some external power, the worker is engaged in production and has the capacity to control it. Socialism can only exist when a bureaucracy no longer manipulates society – be it the state or a smaller entity like a corporation.
The above scholar often criticized capitalism for its alienation of workers; he claimed that most producers were trapped in the process of creating the means of production. They were never free to engage in creative expression or even realize the full potentials of their talents. Marx as the means which man could attain freedom once again would thus perceive socialism; he would be free from economic deprivation and spiritual deprivation. This is not to say that Marx called ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Soicalism in Africa Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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