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Clarkes the Influence of Arthur Schomburg on My Concept of Africana Studies - Essay Example

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The writer presents a reaction paper to Clarke’s "The Influence of Arthur Schomburg on My Concept of Africana Studies". According to Schomburg, in order to understand the African American culture, it is vital to understand the origin of African oppressors first…
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Clarkes the Influence of Arthur Schomburg on My Concept of Africana Studies
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"Clarkes the Influence of Arthur Schomburg on My Concept of Africana Studies"

Download file to see previous pages The author relates to how Schomburg says that scholars should approach the study of African history in various ways. First and foremost, John Clarke turns out to be a teacher due to the influence of Arthur A. Schomburg (Clarke 4). John quotes that Arthur was the person who influenced him in setting the establishment of his career as an educator, as a Socialist and a Pan Africanist. According to John Clarke, Arthur A. Schomburg was responsible for influencing him to become an individual who sees no problem in being a Pan-Africanist and a Socialist at the same time and an African World Nationalist at an early age of his life. Also, Clarke relates to Schomburg’s statement by studying through other cultures and understanding how they relate to the African American culture. According to Schomburg, in order to understand the African American culture, it is vital to understand the origin of African oppressors first (Clarke 6). Also, it was vital for a scholar to understand what led to the Africans being oppressed by the whites as this would be the only way people such as Clarke would understand the African American culture. Question 2 Some of the organizations that focused on the African history during the 30’s and the 40’s include the Harlem History Club and the National League of Negro Youth. Individuals, on the other hand, who focused on the African history during the 30’s and the 40’s, include Willis N. Huggins, John G. Jackson, Eugene Orr and the author of the article himself, John Clarke. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Clarkes the Influence of Arthur Schomburg on My Concept of Africana Essay)
Clarkes the Influence of Arthur Schomburg on My Concept of Africana Essay.
“Clarkes the Influence of Arthur Schomburg on My Concept of Africana Essay”, n.d.
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