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Out of the comfort zone - Essay Example

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As one of the aspects, that defines my transition from the normal way of perceiving and handling situations, I find the Casino experience an alternative in handling…
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Out of the comfort zone
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Extract of sample "Out of the comfort zone"

Download file to see previous pages The decision maker’s cognitive process forms the basis of explanation on the choices of the subjects. Critics on these methods cite inherence of limitations attributed to the failure to investigate real world decision milieus. My concentration will be on the decision making of the blackjack players relative to the role of experience, customs, beliefs and socio-cultural context in decision making during gambling. I learnt that the term beliefs is used to imply the semantic content of the gambling players’ propositional beliefs that concerns the organization and dynamics of the games played within the casino milieu and the relevant strategies that can be applied to play them (Audretsch, David and Bonser, 1039). In essence, the player’s beliefs have immense strength in determining the outcome of the game upon applying a certain strategy. This aspect is fundamental for me, because I can be able to study and accommodate diverse beliefs of people be either the locals or foreigners. The Casino experience on this aspect is critical in my “out of comfort zone” event. Understanding the diverse in beliefs of human race is an essential aspect in making decisions of real life experiences. In essence, comprehending diversity of beliefs is mind opener for numerous psychologists in their day-to-day decision-making (Audretsch, et al, 1043).
On equal measure, the aspect of learning and experience in the context of a gambling activity implies to the distinctive subjective experience, which is attributed to the blackjack players as the fundamental development in terms of strategy and belief within the casino milieu. This learning experience may enshrine the dynamism that happen over time within the individuals and the blackjack playing associations (Audretsch, et al, 1043). In essence, it is a progressive trend realized by players over time ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Out of the Comfort Zone Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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