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Judgment - How Winning Leaders Make Great Calls by Noel Tichy and Warren Bennis - Book Report/Review Example

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The review “Judgment - How Winning Leaders Make Great Calls" by Noel Tichy and Warren Bennis” discusses the book which aims to understand different judgmental areas of leaders, the importance of judgment call and decisive action for leaders that can assist them to make a proper judgment…
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Judgment - How Winning Leaders Make Great Calls by Noel Tichy and Warren Bennis
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Extract of sample "Judgment - How Winning Leaders Make Great Calls by Noel Tichy and Warren Bennis"

Download file to see previous pages There are several books on management and leadership, however, the book presented by Noel M. Tichy and Warren G. Bennis namely ‘Judgment: How Winning Leaders Make Great Calls’ is quite unique in the sense that it takes different viewpoints of leadership by inspecting leadership judgment. The key message of the book is that leaders are basically assessed by the quality of judgment they make throughout their occupation. It is always thought that judgment is something that cannot be learned rather it is advocated to evolve over time. However, Tichy and Bennis have found a method to assist leaders to improve their capability to make an effective judgment. They also have articulated leadership judgment as a simple and understandable procedure. Leaders at every organizational level make a judgment regarding employees, strategy and crisis situation. Tichy and Bennis demonstrated the type of knowledge required in order to make a successful decision and how leaders can effectively use such knowledge in order to execute the judgments. In the first chapter, the authors proclaimed that effective leaders not only make better decisions but they are also capable of making the appropriate judgment. Effective leaders are those who are better at entire judgment procedure that starts from observing the requirement for an appeal of the judgment, to framing the organizational issues, to figuring out the serious ones and to organizing as well as stimulating the teams towards accomplishing the organizational goal. Tichy and Bennis in their book have stated that there is a framework containing three crucial areas within which every judgment are made. Among various other judgments, the decision regarding people is most critical than decisions taken regarding strategy or on any crisis situation. The authors stated that effective judgment is a procedure rather than an event. Every judgment starts when a leader identifies the requirement of taking a decision and frame them accordingly. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Judgment - How Winning Leaders Make Great Calls by Noel Tichy and Warr Book Report/Review - 1, n.d.)
Judgment - How Winning Leaders Make Great Calls by Noel Tichy and Warr Book Report/Review - 1. Retrieved from
(Judgment - How Winning Leaders Make Great Calls by Noel Tichy and Warr Book Report/Review - 1)
Judgment - How Winning Leaders Make Great Calls by Noel Tichy and Warr Book Report/Review - 1.
“Judgment - How Winning Leaders Make Great Calls by Noel Tichy and Warr Book Report/Review - 1”, n.d.
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