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Traits of a Leader - Essay Example

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The traits of a leader make a company great or allow it to falter into a hostile takeover. Strong leaders hone their skills, surround themselves with wise advisors, and build loyalty not only with employees but other leaders as well. We see by the legacy they leave who's a good leader and who lets fear, resentment, and revenge rule their companies, countries, and kingdoms.
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Traits of a Leader
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Download file to see previous pages The creation of an image can be learned, and should be part of your constant education.
Your actions also show what type of leader you are; if you are effective you're your message, and whether or not your peers and employees with stand with you. Unwillingness to "walk the talk" portrays a dictatorship and your employees' resistance will be seen. Leading by doing is a more effective, powerful way in expressing what needs to be done in the company, and that you are not afraid of doing it yourself. While not every management position provides this opportunity, your people should know you would do whatever it takes to do the job right.
The image portrayed will be one of strong character and dedication. Your company will gain respect, new customers, and stronger appeal for investors. The image of the leader of an organization is the image of the company. Is your image the one you want the world to see If not, change what needs to be changed.
Do you know who you are as a leader What actions are you willing to take What actions are you willing to avoid If you lead, would you follow where you were going Creating a leadership image is the ability to ask yourself these questions. How you speak, act, direct, advise, and ask for advice demonstrates the leader you are (or are not).
Elizabeth I essentially judge...
She created the life she wanted, the leader she wanted to be, and the Queen a country followed. You must create the image you want or someone will create it for you.
Learning from mentors, both in person and through reading, cause you to think, act, and become the leader you want to become. The greatest tribute to competent, effective leaders with legacies is duplicate their actions within your own life. Incorporating the best of their legacy into your own life causes better decisions and reduces the mistakes. It will also offers a frame of reference on how to advise a peer, direct an employee, and lead your organization, the same as asking someone in person.
Do not be afraid to ask for assistance when you need it, and demand it from the best. Vulnerability in leadership causes personal and professional growth. When unclear of your decision's impact, ask for advice from someone you trust.
Affects of Change
Evolution, great for adaptations in nature, is also beneficial in business and leadership. Change and growth are advantageous when they are evolutionary and not radical. Utilizing the procedures and protocols that work and adapting or altering the processes that do not, can push your company forward by leaps and bounds. However, change management as a fix is risky, given that you are radically removing and replacing a lot of what does not work in an organization. Internally you will feel resistance and resentment instead of easing into transition. As a leader you want your people to work with you not against your every decision.
Realization of what you already have working for you and integration of the new is less traumatic and foreign to people, and adjustments will be smooth. Elizabeth I ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Traits of a Leader Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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