Warren Buffett Comparison with Other Stock Traders - Assignment Example

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Trading more in stocks like any other activity for one to excel he or she ought to emerge with own personal style besides operating within certain common outlined procedures. Hence, avoid being victims of the same traps that prompted those who might have ventured in the same trade before end up failing miserably. …
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Warren Buffett Comparison with Other Stock Traders
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"Warren Buffett Comparison with Other Stock Traders"

This is contrary to numerous stock traders or gurus like Ben Graham who normally evaluates a firm’s current and future EPS including Net Current asset being more than its current debt. However, this does not imply Buffet in his calculation fails to consider a given firm’s health but looks into its future capability such that what he invests though with time the realization will be handsome. In addition, Buffet warns people of mimicking certain gurus’ style who normally end up buying stocks once a given firm seem to have tangible prospects in the near future but end flipping them like short order. Due to the unpredictability of stocks and their influence by global economy, he prefers not to incur many expenses while procuring them and stick by his choices. Since, he holds onto the notion with time stocks as well as tangible firms acquired cheaply today will be of much worth in future. Read More
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