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Program Evaluation - Module 4 - SLP - Coursework Example

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In order to peruse such a program, a student must make a selective choice right from the begging of module one and then concentrates to make sure that the…
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Program Evaluation - Module 4 - SLP
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Extract of sample "Program Evaluation - Module 4 - SLP"

Evaluation of public health nursing program According to Hernandez (82), nursing health practice forms one of the fundamental programs in the fields of nursing. In order to peruse such a program, a student must make a selective choice right from the begging of module one and then concentrates to make sure that the knowledge is fully absorbed throughout the course. The main objectives of nursing health program entails making a description of public health where working in smaller groups affect bigger ones (Rose Para 14). To describe the levels of prevention while making documentation on how a practitioner makes interactions to a client and finally to identify situations where emergencies are required.
For appropriate delivery of health nursing program to the community, the following methods are necessary depending on the situation and the environment that the program undergoes. Some of the main methods include goal-based evaluation method, outcome evaluation method and process evaluation method. However, for such a nursing health program, outcome evaluation is preferred because it would help in identifying the results to be achieved by the end of the program and the level at, which the desired outcomes can be achieved (McNamara Para 4).
As such, inclusive result entails the following steps as best implemented throughout the whole program evaluation process (Deniston et al. Para 16). The first step involves engaging all the stakeholders within the practice area as it would greatly help to avoid rigidity at any level of the evaluation process. The second step is to describe the program to all the participants so that everyone of them get familiarized with the concept concerning the course of action that is supposed to be taken while relaying a lot of focus on the evaluation design. After such a focus then the evidences gotten are taken to the next step to justify the conclusions. Finally, the lesson leant is further disseminated to all the participants concerned. It becomes easier for a program manager to discover that following a proper program evaluation process is a direct leeway towards the achievement of such a program.
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(Program Evaluation - Module 4 - SLP Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Program Evaluation - Module 4 - SLP Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Program Evaluation - Module 4 - SLP Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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