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Management Strategies - Essay Example

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This essay dwells on the description of the management strategies in terms of technological innovations. Reportedly, the following analysis will be contingent upon how marketing and management strategies for iDesign could help to achieve a greater level of success…
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Management Strategies
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Extract of sample "Management Strategies"

Download file to see previous pages The ultimate aim and objective of this report will be to provide leadership/management with actionable levels of engagement that they can pursue as a means of effectively presenting iDesign to the market. Whereas it is true that there are a number of key pitfalls and challenges that are presented with respect to launching any new firm within an already saturated market, the analysis and discussion will keep these relevant difficulties in mind and seek to leverage a better understanding for how management and marketing strategies, if effectively employed, can seek to increase the potential for the brand within the market.
The brand will seek to combine a high level of technical innovation and 3D printing capabilities within the nexus of cutting-edge fashion and person style; thereby allowing the individual to custom order that style and designs that they feel best suits their own personal tastes. By focusing on innovation, technology, and sustainability, the brand will help to differentiate itself greatly from the many other offerings that already exist within the bloated and saturated clothing/textile market.
As has been noted previously, the brand is unique due to the fact that it directly elicits customer input as a means of creating each unique article of fashion. However, beyond this, the focus and drive towards presenting earth conscious and sustainable products directly to the consumer market without the added worry of ethics and potential sweat shop labor abuse, the firm stands well apart from the many competitors that it seeks to leverage market share from.
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