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This is because time management essentially pinpoints how well the nurses are able to devote towards their work routines, their patients and other activities. If they…
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Identify time management strategies at work for novice nurses
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Identify time management strategies at work for novice nurses Time management is one of the most sought after disciplines that nurses can have withintheir folds these days. This is because time management essentially pinpoints how well the nurses are able to devote towards their work routines, their patients and other activities. If they are unable to manage time, then they ought to face the music because novice nurses are still learning and have a long way to go before they can derive experience from their related settings (Wise, 2007). The novice nurses must get their act together and learn from their seniors as to how they manage their time. This will tell these novice nurses where they are falling short and what is expected of them in the long run.
One strategy would be to make a plan of work so that they can religiously follow it. Another would be to ask someone senior to watch them while they work so that time is managed in an adequate way. Also they can ask their peers to tell them whenever they fall short of the expected count (Bolton, 2003). These time management strategies would indeed work to their own advantage and allow the novice nurses to turn into full-fledged nurses in the long term scheme of things. Essentially speaking, time management strategies are being looked up to with a vision to change the basis of these nurses once and for all. It would allow the medical profession a sense of empathy with the norms and routines that are being appreciated around the world these days.
Bolton, S. (2003). Multiple roles? Nurses as managers in the NHS. International Journal of
Public Sector Management 16(2)
Wise, S. (2007). Controlling working time in the ward and on the line. Employee Relations 29(4) Read More
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