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Acute pain for postoperative patients in Kuwait - Assignment Example

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According to Strauss and Corbin, research itself is only one of four possible sources of the research problem. Research problem can come from literature or researcher personal and professional experience…
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Acute pain for postoperative patients in Kuwait
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Extract of sample "Acute pain for postoperative patients in Kuwait"

Download file to see previous pages According to Strauss and Corbin, research itself is only one of four possible sources of the research problem. Research problem can come from literature or researcher personal and professional experience. Therefore, I can add that from my clinical experience in Kuwait, I believe that pain assessment is very weak and not clear. Nursing in Kuwait is under development and there are only one or two persons with a PHD in Nursing in Kuwait. This is very disturbing because it shows that the nurses in Kuwait are not as competent as the nurses in other countries. In this light, the aim of my research is to gather evidence based to develop the best practice in Kuwait. Last, there is no good practice or an international assessment which is perfect or universal. 3. Project objectives To explore nurse’s knowledge of pain assessment; To analyze the perceptions of nurses and patients of pain assessment in a Kuwait surgical setting; To identify potential factors that could affect how the patients respond to post-operative pain. 4. Research strategy (For example, outline of research methodology, what information/data collection strategies will you use, where will you recruit participants and what approach you intend to take to the analysis of information / data generated) Due to the subjectivity of pain experience a qualitative method will be used for this study, which seeks to provide a perception of how or why things are as they are. Data will be collected through face-to-face semi-structured interviews with nurses and separately with patients. This is only fitting considering that Hancock (1998) relates that data collection in a qualitative research involves direct encounters with individuals through one to one interviews. In-depth interview allows intensive exploration of a topic with someone who has had related experiences. Open-ended questions will be used during the interview. The questions to be asked during the interview are not prepared prior to the interview. The researcher in charge of this exercise formulates the questions during the interview. He/ she ask what they think is in line with the interview and recorded the responses given by the patient. This is in contrast with close-ended questions which may limit further exploration of the participants’ experiences. Purposive sampling will be used in this study. Typically the recommended sample for grounded theory is about 20 to 30 participants (Helfand, M., & Freeman, 2008). Determining the sample size depends on the quality and richness of the data. This research will aim to involve as many interviewees as possible to the point that the responses being gathered from the new interviews being conducted are the same as the responses gathered from your prior interviews. Recruitment Once College ethical approval is gained, the researcher will send a formal letter to the hospital administration in Kuwait and to the surgical unit supervisor or manager requesting permission to recruit patients and staff from the hospital. Once the approval is gained the researcher will then proceed to place a notice/poster in the surgical ward which will invite volunteers from among surgical nurses and patients who are willing to take part in the research or those who are readily available to become participants of the research.There is no ethical committee in the Kuwait hospital; therefore organizational approval will be gained from the Manager. Phase one: interviewing the nurses The research will involve registered nurses who work in surgical units. The nurses to be included in the interview should at least possess a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution of higher learning in nursing and a minimum of three years working experience. Those are the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Acute Pain for Postoperative Patients in Kuwait Assignment.
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