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Integration paper - Assignment Example

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An investment strategy is a composition of policies, conducts and processes that are set to steer an investor through the procedure of choosing the best portfolio for an investment. Customarily, an investor or firm will formulate an investment strategy through incorporation of…
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Integration paper
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Download file to see previous pages The first tool used to formulate an investment strategy is the feasibility of making concentrated purchases (Fabozzi, F., Focardi, S. & Kolm, P. 2010, 22). Concentrated purchases simply entail the buying of shares or stocks at times when the industry that a firm is operating in has been hit by economic meltdowns. Often, investors or firms cogitate on this tool before formulating an investment strategy. This is because equity markets are believed to yield good returns in the long run. Thus, making concentrated purchases can give a high probability that an investor or firm will earn good returns in the long run when the economy stabilizes (Russell, C. 2006, 34). The second tool is value investment, which involves stock purchases at a cheaper price that is lower than its intrinsic value (Götze, U., Northcott, D. & Schuster, P. 2008, 56). The purchase of stocks at such rates reflects the future value of the stocks to rise as opposed to the present value. The last tool is risk assessment, which generally engrosses the evaluation of the possible risks associated with an investment venture. Before the formulation of a strategy, a firm must always recognize the financial perils exposing themselves to so that they can avert potential risks (Russell, C. 2006, 56).
The link between investment strategies of a firm and its environments cannot be dismissed. To begin with, a firm highly depends on the financial markets for profitability when it has invested, say, in shares (Herbst, A. 2002, 29). The dynamics of a financial market within which a firm operates, determine the profit margin that it gets. When the financial markets are selling shares at reasonable prices, a firm can quickly buy them. However, when a market needs to sell its shares and the market price is low, it will end up making losses (Russell, C.2006, 61). Thus, the financial market within which a firm operates is a key determinant of its profitability. This implies that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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