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Integrated Project Management Tools Author Institution Integrated Project Management Tools Hotel Industry A hotel industry is an operation that provides hospitality services such as bed and breakfast and night stay, meals, among others. Hotel management is a business of the people, for the people and by the people…
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Integrated Project Management Tools
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Download file to see previous pages At the project’s starting stage, the project is explicitly and clearly defined. The scope of the project and its purpose are defined, and a benchmark for the expected final product is set. The time and resources required for completion of the project are allotted. Resolving problems encountered during the project and controlling the product quality are the main activities of a project’s control stage (Bainey, 2004). This stage oversees the completion of most of the work, and it is during this stage that most of the project’s time is consumed. The project’s closure level involves officially ending the project and providing any useful tips applicable to other projects. Any outstanding work that requires completion is done in this stage. The Project Manager is responsible for managing the basic factors of a project simultaneously; these include time, scope, resources, and money (Schwalbe, 2010). These four elements work hand in hand, and for the project to be a success, these elements must be managed together. In a bed and breakfast project, the resources include equipment, funding, people, facilities, or materials. Management Tools Work Authorization System This is a method used in hand with project management. The project manager together with his designees uses the work authorization system to sanction all project work during a project management. Work authorization procedures show the person responsible for authorizing activities to be completed and how those authorizations may be achieved (Schwalbe, 2010). These procedures include documents that must be filled before initializing any work, and the possibilities of any prerequisites. In order to facilitate the efficiency of project management in bigger projects, work authorization systems detail the timeline of the project. For example, the work authorization system might show when some parts of the project should end, by whom and in which order (Bainey, 2004). For a bed and breakfast project to be successful, work authorization is an effective tool. Project Status Report It is a regular, official report on a project progress against the plan of the project. Its purpose is to efficiently and effectively communicate the project status at regular intervals. In addition, it can be utilized in providing a documented history of a project. Objectives of a status report include communication of the project progress, simplifying the mode of collecting and distributing project information, improving passing of information within the project, and improving organizational support of the project. A good, consistent project status report prevents a project from missing completion deadlines by keeping the project on the early-start and early-finish schedule. Being alert of the start and completion dates during a project increases the chances for the project being successful. A project status reporting is a function that is performed throughout the project (Barkley, 2006). Scheduling System A scheduling system is a form of a tool used to build an integrated project management system. A good scheduling system should aid in achieving the best end results in a bed and breakfast project. The project manager should ensure that the scheduling system ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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