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Challenges Working With Clients Experiencing Learned Helplessness - Essay Example

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The essay "Challenges Working With Clients Experiencing Learned Helplessness" states that According to Ungar (2011), learned helplessness is a psychological term, in fact, a theory used to explain the behavior of animals to persist and persevere under difficult situations. …
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Challenges Working With Clients Experiencing Learned Helplessness
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Extract of sample "Challenges Working With Clients Experiencing Learned Helplessness"

Working with a client suffering from learned helplessness can prove to be very challenging and unworkable (Ungar, 2011). Special techniques and approaches have to the present and innovated to help tackle the complex counseling environment usually presented by learned helplessness.
One of the challenges working with a client suffering from learned helplessness is that they are also reluctant to take advice and counseling. This makes it difficult for counselors to succeed in engaging the clients in negotiation and navigation. Dully, a counselor fails to understand or know about the problems of clients. Another common challenge encountered when working with clients suffering from learned helpless relates to the difficulty to accept changes (Ungar, 2011). Victims of learned helplessness tend to be contented with the little they usually have as well as their contemporary conditions that, however, suffocates them. Counselors may struggle and apply many strategies, but fail to persuade individuals with the condition to adopt normal lifestyle. At sometimes, a counselor may consider transferring a client from one region where abuse erupts to a calm place designated for recovery alone (Ungar, 2011). The clients set to gain such favors may resist and insist on staying in the same condition for a longer time. Some battered women have refused attempts by law enforcing officers and counselors intending to provide them with alternative shelter, or arrest batterers after a long time of enduring abuse. Read More
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Challenges Working With Clients Experiencing Learned Helplessness Essay - 4.
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