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Challenges in recovery of mental health client Name: Institution: Introduction The intent of the project is to make amends to establishing the important recovery implementation of a mental case. Several practices can give good results; however, the recovery process is never a smooth road…
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Challenges in recovery of mental health client
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Download file to see previous pages The depiction in the text is protected and the inferences are not aimed at anyone whatsoever. The paper is a reflection of study on the addictions in the country. The victim of the study is fictitious and used based on education with reference to drug abuse. Addictions are resultant to the use of substance initially pleasurable but the continued use becomes obsessive and hampers with ordinary life errands like work and health or relationships. When out of control, it affects the people around you directly or indirectly (Taite & Scharff, 2013, 25). Ms. M has been in the country for 30 years as an illegal immigrant after getting into the country through the Mexican border with the aim of making a good life in the land of opportunities. This client is 46 years of age, and Latina of descent. She started working as a bartender at a local bar near her residence before she had become an addict of the substances. She is a mother of two children one who died from an OD and the other daughter is stable and working for the government and isolated herself from the habits of her mother. She blames the mother for the death of her sister. Her drug abuse led her into debt and bad choices where she lost her home and a place to leave (Rassool, & Gafoor, 2007). She has been struggling in the streets of New York moving from shelter to shelter. She no longer works and has to scavenge for a drug handout from the dealers who give her under the regulations (Boyd, 2007). Ms. M came to the center to apply for rehabilitation after opting to find refuge to the prevalent case of drug abuse in the life she leads. MS. M is began to express her thought in the life she leads was not very sustaining as pertains to the age she was now. Her social life has been dysfunctional since she started to consume many different drugs with the aim of getting high. She gradually graduated from the simple marijuana to cocaine and went into the use of crystal meth. The abuse of drugs has made Ms. M looks older than actually is since the drugs are taking most of her money and little goes into her health. She does not have any medical insurance. She asserts that she is determined to get help ad has enrolled in a local hospital after being rejected severally. Her emotional detachment from her daughter who is still alive does not seem to bother her since she says she does not want to hurt herself emotionally (Dossey & Keegan, 2009). She has the urge to reconnect but the daughter has not yet agreed to come to terms with the mother. The greatest obstacle M faces are the change in the lifestyle she is used to, now she lives with a dealer who is sometimes the boyfriend and uses the drugs as an advantage to having her do his bid. At times, she is forced to take the drugs since they are flaunted in front of her. She asserts that her devotion is tested by the social circle she dwells (Peabody, 2013). She says that the worst and saddening time of her life was when she would give her body to get a dose of the drug and that would always lead to her getting raped by the dealers. Ms. M has been struggling with the addiction from abuse of drugs and specifically crystal meth, which she was hooked on recently. She has the courage to overcome the drug abuse and the social circles that make her life miserable. The use of crystal meth was the last option she had after her struggle with cash proved stronger. Present issues M has been using the drug for more than 20 years where she had drug ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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