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Appraise Project Management Process Groups - Essay Example

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The paper "Appraise Project Management Process Groups" describes the use of skills, knowledge, and tools to an extensive range of activities in an effort to accomplish the demands of a particular project.The knowledge areas of project management include; integration management, cost management…
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Appraise Project Management Process Groups
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Extract of sample "Appraise Project Management Process Groups"

Download file to see previous pages The executing group enhances timely dissemination of information to the stakeholders, for quick decision making and timely end of the project (Dinsmore & Cabanis-Brewin, 2011). In fact, the executing process group implements the cost management policies, integration management policies, procurement management policies and other policies made in the planning process. Consequently, human resource management is well taken care of in then executing the group of project management process. Controlling activities aim at monitoring the execution of the project. Controlling process group monitors the project performance. Controlling activities can be applied in monitoring the cost management, procurement management, the human resource management and other types of management in a project. In case of any deviation from the main objective, adjustments are made to fix the problem. Controlling process aids in the timely application of risk management strategies to cover future uncertainties. The controlling group coordinates the alterations that may arise in course of the project. Additionally, the controlling process group keeps a close check on the performance of all the stakeholders to determine whether they work in conformity to the project’s objective. Closure of the project process is the last group. This project management process involves the termination of all activities. The process validates the completion of the project. The elements of this group are management and project closeout procedure. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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