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Workplace Bullying - Research Paper Example

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The paper 'Workplace Bullying" states that workplace bullying is one of the organizational vices that may hurt both the short-term and long-term strategies of an organization. While it manifests in diverse forms, it is a complex term to determine and measure making it a challenge to address it. …
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Workplace Bullying
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Extract of sample "Workplace Bullying"

Download file to see previous pages At a time when employee loyalty is an important aspect of organizational strategies, it wise that all organizations shun workplace bullying to ensure that employees are committed to the long term plan of the organization and that they perform optimally to achieve the goals of the organization. Research by McCormack, Djurkovic and Casmir (2014) proves that organizations that provide a healthy work environment for the employee's profit from optimal work output and perform better than those that pay little attention to work behaviour. Therefore, organizations must design strategies to ensure that work place bullying is shunned to pave way for optimal employee performance.
Although the term bullying is common in management, it is clear that it is broad and refers to different aspects of organizational behaviour. Bullying or mobbing refers to situations in which a worker is subjected to long-lasting, recurrent, and serious negative or hostile acts and behaviour that are annoying and oppressing. Evidently, there are various forms of workplace bullying in organizations. McCormack, Djurkovic and Casmir (2014) identify few including threats of professional status, the threat to personal standing, overwork, destabilization and underpayment as various forms of bullying within many organizations. Among many researchers, there seems to be a consensus that workplace bullying as the abuse of power that subjects employees to psychological, emotional or physical torture during their duties in the workplace (Namie, 2003: Pfeffer, 2007). Often, those who have more powers in the organization abuse those below them by the way they handle them or even communicate during normal duties. Researchers such as McDonald, Backstrom and Allegretto (2007) have paid attention to underpayment as one of the forms of bullying within modern organizations. While this may be controversial, it is clear that in the endeavour to minimize expenditures within the competitive business environment, many organizations underpay their employees as a strategy to remain profitable in the long run (Galanaki & Papalexandris, 2013). From this point of view, it is clear that workplace bullying encompasses many different work-related behaviour within the employment sector. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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